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holistic massage therapy

holistic massage therapy

Welcome to Handenrijk, a practice for massage therapy. Owned and operated by Lia Gerits-Verkuijlen, who works as a holistic therapist with emphasis on massage therapy, coaching and nutrition.


Holistic massage therapy is a form of counselling that promotes health and a responsible way of living through conversation, massage, feeling and experience. Holistic means body, mind and spirit, combined to form you as a human being; to live from your heart!


You may experience a physiological response during, or after, a therapeutic treatment.

These responses may reveal aspects of your daily life you are unaware of. The Handenrijk treatments can help you understand who you are, what your stumbling blocks are, and reveal talents and motivations. This can guide you to make more objective decisions and achieve more balance.


In addition Handenrijk offers conventional or relaxation massage treatments. A session to simply make you feel better, or as a preventative treatment for those who enjoy an active lifestyle or suffer from stress. Improve your blood circulation and boost your body’s innate ability to protect itself against injuries and illness.


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  • course: massage

    Anyone can learn how to massage with Handenrijk training.



    Learn the basic steps to giving a relaxing and rewarding massage to friends, family or your partner. The course is aimed at those interested in learning more about massage. It is an easy and enjoyable way to how to spoil your loved ones. You will learn the basic massage techniques, correct postures, breathing and the uses of massage oils. By the end of the course you will understand the basics of relaxing massage and deep tissue massage techniques. Classes are presented to small groups, allowing for a one-on-one teaching experience with your tutor.


    This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the art of massage; experience is not required.



    Times: 4 evening sessions, from
    7 PM to 9:30 PM.

    Course fee: R800, includes comprehensive teaching materials and a certificate of participation.


    Starting dates for 2015

    31 March

    9 June

    4 August

  • course: holistic energetic massage

    A holistic massage is for body and mind.



    ‘Holistic’ is derived from the Greek word ‘holos’, meaning completely. The holistic massage is a full body massage, focusing on the mental and physical relaxation and removal of (negative) energies. The massage relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and soothes the nervous system. A holistic massage stimulates lymphatic flow and has a positive effect on one’s chakras. The central point of the course is energetic massage – originating from the East – and is intended to allow the feel of your energy and promote its flow. By combining holistic and energetic massage the body will balance itself and restore the flow of energy.


    Holistic energetic massage reduces stress and anxiety and helps you to gain more awareness of your own body. Understand, react then feel more comfortable in your own skin and have added life energy.


    Anyone who wants to know this beautiful form of massage.



    The course covers:

    • The full body massage

    • Recognizing excess or deficiency

    • Contraindications


    We will give you every opportunity to make this 5-day course a success.


    Time: daily from 10 AM to 4 PM

    Course fee: R3750, includes comprehensive teaching materials and a certificate of participation. The course fee may be settled in two payments – kindly notify Handenrijk upon registration.


    Starting dates for 2015

    19 June

    25 September


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All treatments are strictly by appointment


Email Handenrijk to arrange a suitable time for your treatment.


Treatment may be cancelled or postponed up to 24 hours prior to the booking without incurring a penalty.


The full amount will be charged for missed appointments.


about handenrijk

Handenrijk was founded in 2009 in the Netherlands by Lia Gerits-Verkuijlen.


In 1996 Lia embarked on a quest to learn about and develop a deep understanding of the human body, mind and spirit. The 6-year education helped Lia expand her knowledge, experience, and foster a deeper cognizance of her subject. Her interest broadened to massage therapy which culminated into a further 4-year study before she started Handenrijk.


Working with people and sharing her vast knowledge is Lia’s passion. Her instruction background in holistic massage therapy motivates her to conduct one-on-one training workshops.



Lia enthuses that she loves to guide people back to their own essence, so they can really live from their hart and enjoy life as it is meant to be.



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